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Soyuz Coffee Roasting coffee factory

Soyuz Coffee Roasting Company is a producer of specialty coffee. To create world-class coffee the advanced equipment and innovative technology solutions developed by leading manufacturers is used at the plant.

The factory is fully equipped with equipment of German company «Probat» - a recognized industry leader of roasting, grinding and storing coffee. An automated machine was developed by Probat specially for Soyuz Coffee Roasting. The machine is manufactured in a single copy and has no analogues. This unique equipment allows to calculate the perfect level of roasting for each new coffee batch. Thanks to it the method of profile roasting is being successfully used at the production of Soyuz Coffee Roasting. Such a technology is being used by the world's leading manufacturers to create the highest quality coffee.

The modern system of circular pipelines provides a gentle delivery of the roasted beans to the packing line. For the first time in Russia the system was implemented at the factory of Soyuz Coffee Roasting.

As well as the newest packaging Bosch equipment, the advanced packaging materials and technologies, among which is displacement of oxygen with nitrogen technology (N2MA technology), are used to preserve the taste and aroma of coffee. N2MA technology minimizes the presence of oxygen in the package (less than 1%) and prevents coffee oxidation. Each package is equipped with a degassing valve, through which coffee is "breathing" and increases its shelf life. Amcor three-layer metallized packaging film protects coffee against environmental hazards.

There is a stringent quality control at all stages of production, and the latest laboratory equipment accurately track all the necessary parameters of green and roasted coffee.